The best country and why

5 Feb

We all know which country claims to be the best in the world: the United States of America. But is really? They did bring us to the moon, do a lot of awesome science and are policing the world at their own expense. The US gets a lot of criticism for the latter one, but honestly, somebody has to do it, and I would rather it be them than China or Russia.

But does the power or relevance of your country really matter if your looking for the ‘best’ country in the world to live in? I would say, hardly. What I think matters most is very simple: the happiness of it’s citizens. So what country wins? Denmark.

Here are the results from the World Happiness Report, an annual measure of happiness per country published by the United Nations. The results are mainly gathered by surveys. This might seem as a sketchy way to measure happiness, but as Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman showed; reported happiness strongly correlates with actual happiness.

World Happiness Report

But this isn’t the only measure of country ‘bestness’. Let’s look at some other country ranking lists to get a more clear idea.

The Human Development Index

Human Development Index

The good country index
A measure what each country on earth contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away.

The Good Country Index

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