Where is safe to swim?

21 Dec

I have seen many water creatures during my snorkels and have been painfully bitten or stung me many times. Here are examples of other persons’ unfortunate encounters:

Shark Attack


Good thing it was just a juvenile. A full grown bull would have taken the leg completely off.

Folks think the intercoasatal is shark free and year after year bull attacks occur.

Bulls like the inter coastal because the water is murky and perfect for surprise attacks on their prey.



Puffer Fish


Those cute, cuddly, doe–eyed denizens of the deep apparently have quite a temper and a vicious set of teeth. …

When I took my glove off, I realized half of my finger was still in the glove. The stump that extended from my hand was clouding the water with green smoke. It was so thick I couldn’t see my hand. I grabbed the base of my finger to attempt to stop the blood cloud and was shocked to see the damage inflicted.

…comment I got from divers was” I never knew puffers could bite. I didn’t even think they had teeth. “ Yes they can and do.




They enjoy shallow, brackish water and are fast swimmers – it is very unusual to get them inside the Strait, but last June the combination of heavy rain and wind direction brought a couple into the area





The fish was about 10 meters away, but as he stretched his arm out it raced up on him in the blink of an eye and latched onto his arm.

Never ever had any kind of problems with aggressive Barracudas but I’ll sure think twice when I see my next one. Good luck with the recovery


Stingray Attack – http://divenewzealand.co.nz/article-460/


More at

fish has bitten snorkel key – https://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&fr=crmas&p=fish+has+bitten+snorkel+key


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