Wild vs. Farmed

27 Aug


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Would you eat an endangered species? You wouldn’t choose Bengal tiger, giant panda or black rhino from a menu would you? But you might just give common skate, Atlantic sturgeon, European eel or bluefin tuna a go – yet they’re all just as threatened, and because they often appear on restaurant menus, you could find yourself inadvertently contributing to their extinction. These species are definitely fish to avoid!

… ENDANGERED SPECIES Brown crab (Cancer pagurus), pot caught in North East Atlantic (FAO 27) sub area Western Channel. this product is rated 2 fish to eat © Rob Spray Fish and Chips The two most popular fish at the chippy are cod and haddock. Haddock from North Sea and West Scotland fisheries are healthy and include MSC certified fisheries – a great choice! Cod in the North Sea is now at a more healthy level but still recovering, so the best choice is North East Arctic or Icelandic.



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