The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain – Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons

15 Aug

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”:


The court will hear defendant’s evidence on September 4 before deciding whether or not to grant a restraining order.  No such decision has yet been made.  A restraining order might be granted, but this will not benefit TI’s, according to legal expert “Bob S.”


“Winning a restraining order in court can’t be of any benefit in stopping electronic harassment produced by criminals in federal agencies,” Bob S. sais in an email to Dupré Saturday. “If they put electronic transmitters in open sight and permit a TI to get a restraining order against a local perp, they can then remove the visible transmitters and continue the attacks from sources that can’t be located.”


Cointelpro tactics on steroids is what TIs are enduring.


“This and other cases like it, which may follow, will benefit the federal criminals by covering up their responsibility and making it appear that electronic attacks are a local problem created by local bad guys for which local solutions are available,” Bob S says.


This is an ongoing story. Stay tuned.


Secret Cell Tower Electromagnetic Assault Weapon Victim “Wins” Landmark Court Case


After a landmark court case, a California Targeted Individual victim of a secret cell tower radio frequency directed energy weapon, claimed winning her case in court against her perpetrator and since then, she has been inundated with other targets pleading for help.


The “win” stirred strong emotions and hope of hundreds of innocent targeted individuals, all claiming they are being attacked by secret microwave weapons used for mind control and to torture them.


Kathleen Watterson, a Targeted Individual (TI) and Levi McCann, the expert witness in her case, both in California, are now conducting triage, as hundreds of desperate innocent victims contact Watterson for help.


“We have had over a thousand emails and are ferreting out the most WINNABLE cases. This is only the beginning,” Watterson wrote to Deborah Dupré in an email Thursday. “We’re going through all of them, working to see which ones have the best chance for winning in court.


Watterson and McCann “happened to meet at their nearby Walmart” in southern California. The rest became history. As it turned out, McCann is amazingly qualified with legal expertise and electronics. It was everything Watterson needed to win her case in court.


McCann demonstrated that standard satellite dishes within a 5-mile radius of Watterson’s home all pointed toward the equator where most satellites orbit the earth. That is, all but one, the defendant’s satellite dishes – that were pointed at Watterson’s house.


McCann revealed that other neighborhood satellite dishes were geared toward receiving signals for TV, the Internet, etc. – except for Watterson’s satellite dishes that, according to meter readings from an RF spectrum analyzer and a tri-field meter, were transmitting microwave signals at her house.


The evidence presented, plus expert knowledge and responses by McCann were overwhelmingly convincing. The judge believed his testimony.  There remains one more court appearance in September.


Watterson received a conditional restraining order for electromagnetic frequency harassment with penalties of up to 2 years in prison and up to $5000 in fines for violation of the court order.


The U.S. government has never publicly acknowledged existence of this domestic offensive weapon grid, that “hides in plain sight” on cell towers in every neighborhood and along every highway in America, veteran journalist Vic Livingston has said.


“Not a single member of the Washington DC press corps has asked the White House about the nationwide system of extrajudicial punishment that ranges from community-based “gangstalking” to financial sabotage and covert electromagnetic weapon assault, impairment, torture and subjugation/”behavior (mind) control”.


Norah O’Donell was the last reporter to ask a high government official about electromagnetic weaponry, according to Livingston.  She put the question to then-defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld at a Pentagon briefing.


“His answer appeared to confirm reports that such weaponry has been deployed and used in warfare (at that time, in Iraq). No reporter that I know of has followed up,” Livingston told Dupré. “I firmly believe that the White House cannot deny the existence of a nationwide program of extrajudicial punishment and electromagnetic weapon torture.”


Words by John Lennon, one of the most famous TIs, come to mind:


“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”




the “biggest human rights abuses of our times:” connecting people against their will and knowledge to computers via implants of the size of a few nanometers – leading to complete destruction of not only the victims’  lives and health, but also their personalities and identities.

“Very few people are aware of the actual link between neuroscience, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, neuro-chips, transhumanism, the science fiction’s cyborg, robotics, somatic surveillance, behavior control, the thought police and human enhancement,” Olsson says. “They all go hand in hand, and never in our history before, has this issue been as important as it is now.”

This secret technology, that began developing in the early 1950s is now extremely advanced. The public is unaware of it – and/or in denial – and it goes completely unregulated, despite thousands of victims reporting it to news outlets and government officials, including the United Nations.


There is complete amnesia about its early development, according to Olsson. The CIA funded experiments on people without consent through leading universities and by hiring prominent neuroscientists of that time. These experiments have since the 50s been brutal, destroying every aspect of a person’s life, while hiding behind curtains of National Security and secrecy but also behind psychiatry diagnosis.

The results of today’s mind control — mind reading, thought police, surveillance, pre-crime, behavior modification, control of citizen’s behavior; tastes, dreams, feelings and wishes; identities; personalities and not to mention the ability to torture and kill anyone from a distance — are completely ignored, dismissed, often even mocked by professionals.


All the important ethical issues regarding the most special aspects of being a free human being living a full human life are dismissed.


“The praise of the machine in these discourses dealing with not only transhumanism ideals but also neuroscience today has a cost and that is complete disrespect, despise and underestimation of human beings, at least when it comes to their bodies, abilities and biological functions,” Olsson says. “The brain is seen as the only valuable thing; not just because of its complexity and mysteries, but also because it can create consciousness and awareness.


“We’re prone to diseases, we die, we make irrational decisions, we’re inconsistent, and we need someone to look up to. In a radio interview on Swedish ‘Filosofiska rummet’ entitled “Me and my new brain” (Jag och min nya hjärna), neuroscientist Martin Ingvar referred to the human body as a “bad frame for the brain.”


Individual free will and personal identity have been discussed and the point of view of Martin Ingvar was alligned with José Delgado’s some 60 years ago – a buried history of mind control: We don’t really have any choice, we’re not really having a free will or for that matter any consistent personality.


Olsson says that would be enough reason to change humans to whatever “someone else” wishes. For example, an elite.

Brain implants are obviously important, according to Olsson, giving evidence both in the US and the EU.


“Both the US and the EU pour billions of dollars and euros in brain research every single year, a brain research very focused on not only understanding the brain, but also highly focused on merging human beings with machines; using neuro-implants to correct behavior and enhance intelligence; creating robots and other machines that think and make autonomous intelligent decisions — just like humans do.“

In a Before It’s News Exclusive, Dupré wrote about Nicholas West’s shocking new article, Wireless Microchip Implant Set For Human Trials and a Targeted Individual, who had reached out to Deborah and an Australian surveillance expert.


Ray Kurzweil predictions about future technological developments have been correct thusfar. Now, he claims that in only 20 years, implant-technology will have advanced to the point that it will completely transform humanity.


More: Mind Controlled Victim’s Life In Techno Hell


“We cannot know right now whether [Kurzweil’s] prediction is right or wrong, but we have the right to decide on the kind of future we want,” says Olsson. “I do not know if eradicating humanity as we know it is the best future or the only alternative. Today, we might still have a choice.”



Most TIs become aware of their being targeted only after months, sometimes years of being multiple-stalked.


“I was not quite certain until I was able to match their license plates, models of their cars, and facial features,” he explained about a record he kept of the spies when they seemed threatening.


Then, Alizada was covertly drugged, a typical tactic. Date rape drug is a common one, according to TI reports.


“I was drugged by the LAPD near West Hollywood” without his ”consideration,” he said, adding that he began hallucinating, left his car in the middle of the street, with the door open and key in the ignition, and ran for help.


The hallucinating became unmanageable. Pedestrians ignored his plea for them to call 911 for him. It was “like being an alien” speaking a different language nobody understood, Alizada recounted.


For fifteen minutes, his phone failed when repeatedly trying to call 911, another typical abuse targeted individuals experience that ensures isolation and inability to gain aid.


“An LAPD came, but without an ambulance, which I had specifically requested when I described my condition and it’s severity,”  Alizada said.


A second LAPD he’d encountered earlier but ignored him, reappeared. Without reading his rights, the officer asked a series of ”absolute obfuscated questions,” as he urgently needed medical attention.


“As I was getting transferred from the ambulance (into the hospital) three hours later, all the doctors, nurses, and receptionists were identical to the individuals that had followed me all around LA that day,”  Alizada said. “Immediately, I was transferred to a room, which seemed just as unreal as the hospital itself. I was only the second patient in the whole emergency room.


“I got to my hotel room around 3:00 a.m. feeling absolutely fearful, with a changed intellect, anxiety and a panic attack, nothing like what he’d ever experienced before the incident.”


About a month later, in San Diego, after returning home from a three-day unexpected visit by friend, he went out to the patio to visit neighbors, as he’d typically done. This time, however, his neighbors were different. he said they treated him as though he’d done something he was unaware of.doing. Part of the program is for the ops to contact their target;s family members and friends, lie to them so they fear the target, and coerce them into a confidentiality agreement.


“The following day, my MacBook indicated it was shared with other users through protocols, my Internet router, and iCloud server,”  Alizada wrote. “Meanwhile, I am hearing recognizable voices of my neighbors. The same voices were coming out of my ears and from my neighbors sitting 100 feet from my living room slated windows, visible from inside.”


The voices repeated his thoughts within seconds, he explained. His neighbors glanced at their smart phones and discussed his ideas, identical to odd accounts Dupré receives from other targets.


“Many instant modifications (occurred),” he said. ”Some people I knew followed me. It was chaotic to witness such incidents without any reasonable cause.”


He saw people talking about him, repeating his thoughts, and one questioned him as if he had ”a hidden agenda or was a threat to the society,” he explained, leading him to finally confront each of them, but everyone denied his allegations.


His iPhone, iPad, and MacBook reset or locked just as he attempted to gather evidence by recording the voices. He noticed pages being controlled by Verizon Certification registered under his neighbor’s name, Joseph Michelle.

“All the allegations with the voices, images, and thoughts implanted in my brain created a deviant personality without my knowledge,” he said. “It seemed everyone was required to construct me into believing otherwise.”


Alizada’s methodic research and evidence showed him that he was not mentally ill. He was, however, suffering from a mental injury, a big difference in that injuries typically heal after abuse ends.


He thinks the Department of Homeland Security Surveillance, or other government officials are involved in monitoring him. He was born in Afghanistan and raised Muslim. The ACLU and two individuals in San Diego validated his reasoning of DHS surveillance. Then, six months of torment later, DHS Surveillance Agents disclosed their identities to him, explaining he needed to agree to “live under their guidelines,” he said.


How does modern mind control work?


“Sean’s story is typical of many of the 12,000 plus appeals for help and advice I’ve received over the years.I have no doubt he is a genuine victim of what they call ‘gang stalking,’” surveillance expert Paul Baird told Dupré in an email. “He is also clearly targeted for remote neural monitoring (brain rape)and neurophone (voice to skull) commentary. These are usually conducted by teams of monitors using powerful computers linked to geosychronously orbitting satellites.”


Such high-tech teams are based at the CIA’s Langley Research Centre, NSA’s Fort Meade facility and other facilities, according to Baird.


“Targeted individual’s bio-electronic resonance frequency isolates them,” explained Baird, further confirming, ”Their brain waves are scanned and the results fed to supercomputers with software that has a full brain wave vocabulary.


“The individuals’ thoughts echo back, and/or the monitors’ comments are fed back, and/or standard computer phrases are relayed to the target to oppress, disorientate, annoy and discredit them, especially when they report it to police or medical professionals, who are either corrupt or, more likely, ignorant that such crimes are committed against innocent members of the public, – so, they think ‘delusional.’”
Targets are typically whistleblowers, activists, writers, enemies of criminals, or members of a marginalised group, according to Baird. Anyone “with the right connections,” however, can add anyone’s name to the target list. The FBI’s list has been proven to be outdated and with names of people it never authorized.


“Certainly, an Afghan Muslim wandering around California (especially Hollywood, infested with agency personnel, crime syndicates and more) filts the bill,” asserted Baird.


“I believe many innocent civilians are being mentally tortured by these agencies and forced to believe it is a mental illness, such as Schizophrenia or other Psychosis,”  Alizada said. “I am very fortunate to discover a system that abuses and destroys human brains, through technology without American people’s consent or awareness.


Again, “yesterday’s conspiracy theory is today’s news,” as West writes. “However, signposts have been there all along.”


Microchip implants to track pets, livestock and the elderly are widely available and microchipping children ”not far off” says West, unaware that thousands of children are microchipped by their friendly dentist, without parental knwledge or consent. There’s extensive animal testing on monkeys so they can control devices via brain-computer interface; an edible “smart pill” microchip embraced to monitor patient drug dosages and vital signs. The number of targeted individuals already been slipped a “smart pill” is unknown, but suspected to be high.

“In the name of health and security – always the dynamic duo for introducing the next level of science fiction into everyday reality – a new wirelessly powered implant a fraction the size of a penny… promises to offer a whole new ease of medical monitoring and drug delivery,” says West.


More: The Mark: Forced RFID Chips Soon, Scientists Say
Futurist and a director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil details the imminent Human Body 2.0, that will incorporate medical nanobots delivering drugs to specific cells and identifying certain genetic markers with fluorescent labeling. Once these nanobots enter the body, Kurzweil says they “could” connect our brains directly to Cloud computing systems.


It will be an incremental process, one already well under way. Although version 2.0 is a grand project, ultimately resulting in the radical upgrading of all our physical and mental systems, we will implement it one benign step at a time. Based on our current knowledge, we can already touch and feel the means for accomplishing each aspect of this vision. (emphasis added) [Kurzweil]

“Could” refers to a possibility in the future, but this secret human rights violation is here, ruining innocent people’s lives globally, including a low estimate of 1/10 of all American Targeted Individuals, according to Private Investigator William Taylor, who should know. He’s investigated dozens of targets’ cases, including high-profilers in Hollywood and elected officials, he’s told Dupré.


Wireless microchips are described as a ”benign” step. “Mid-field wireless transfer” technology that Stanford researchers recently reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences can provide a low-consumption power source to wirelessly recharge implantable chips. They cite benefits:

(The)work could lead to programmable microimplants like sensors that monitor vital functions, electrostimulators that alter neural signals in the brain, and drug delivery systems that apply medicine directly where needed. All without the bulk of batteries and recharging systems required today.


So far, the wireless charging system has been tested in a pig and also used to power a pacemaker in a rabbit. The next step is human trials. Should those prove successful, it will likely take a few years before the system is authorized for commercial usage.

While media paints microchipping humans as beneficial, even life-saving, sci-tech always tends to “spread – especially in an age of ubiquitous surveillance amid “security threats” of every stripe,” says West, as if not the initial intention and not already applied to innocent targets, who appear to be on Obama’s kill list and/or used as non-consensual human experimentees.


Many test subjects, with lives ruined during Bush and Obama administrations, presented their cases to Obama’s Biomedical Committee to no avail. Obama has thus demonstrated not only his refusal to help those victims, but also his continued targeted killing campaign, using such tools as microchips and other technical assaults, more covert weapons than his weapon of choice, drones.


Michael Snyder, in a BBC article entitled “Why I Want a Microchip Implant” exposed:


Ultimately, implanted microchips offer a way to make your physical body machine-readable. Currently, there is no single standard of communicating with the machines that underpin society – from building access panels to ATMs – but an endless diversity of identification systems: magnetic strips, passwords, PIN numbers, security questions, and dongles. All of these are attempts to bridge the divide between your digital and physical identity, and if you forget or lose them, you are suddenly cut off from your bank account, your gym, your ride home, your proof of ID, and more. An implanted chip, by contrast, could act as our universal identity token for navigating the machine-regulated world. (emphasis added)


Beyond obvious privacy and health implications of literally opening your body to security breaches – as all computerized systems are known to have gaping holes – there’s a radiation question. The Stanford researchers insist this “breakthrough discovery in wireless power requires roughly as much energy as a cell phone and exposes subjects to radiation levels well below the threshold for human safety,” but increasingly, studies show cell phones and wireless technology are a grave threats to human health and rights, such as those reported in:


Birds lose their internal compass in environments polluted with various electromagnetic fields and bees, dolphins and other animals are highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

“[W]e can never discount the role of the military anywhere within science, as most of what we see trickle into the consumer realm comes from military-funded labs like those at DARPA,” West writes. “And what we see there is not very comforting.”

The U.S. military’s researching ways to create super soldiers resistant to diseases and bio-attacks through microchipping. DARPA’s researching Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for remote mind control through a tiny wireless brain implant.


Who are human test subjects of their research? Targeted Individuals’ mounting evidence shows they are, as non-consenting experimentees, comparable to Mengela’s test subjects: the perseucted on a kill-list used in most barbaric medical tests, some researched to death.


“The programs are many and wide-reaching but they always include people who’ll look bad if they react, Baird explained this week. “The DHS apparently as much as admitted they had an eye on Sean.”


As for drugging and other police setups, a Targeted Individual can experience false complaints about him or her, bogus files created, and neighborhood rumours, Baird said, adding, “Muslim fear mongering or any number of other things set up by agency people and their connections in law enforcement, politics, the mainstream media or more.”


Hypervigilance: TIs Catch 22: Helps them survive while destroying them


“Often, the confusion a victim experiences causes them to look odd or react, like any victim, with a sort of “cry for help” approach to everyone,” Baird said. “This can make them look paranoid. Also, once bitten twice shy, so it’s natural that someone hit or drugged or followed is looking out for that all the time.”

Confronting those responsible or those that the deceitful monitors make you think are responsible, is always a bad move and can lead to institutionalisation, exactly what the harassers want. Why?


Baird said it’s because from then on, anything the TI reveals about they know or believe or any complaint the TI makes about the persecution and oppression will be disbelieved and they can continue doing whatever they like with the TI.


“It’s also important for victims to know that the brain is a receiver and transmitter in all of this and that neurophone input can: be audible or subliminal, in any language, mimic any individual’s voice and be “thrown” as a 3D audio system; like a ventriloquist can do,” Baird said. “So, monitors can make wait until neighbours are nearby, use their voice, throw it and make you think they’re to blame. They can take one person’s thought or comment and plant it another’s head, so the target reacts or repeats it, unwittingly, and looks more involved then they really are until confronted, and then the operatives report you are involved.


“The number one lesson any agent gets is how to deceive others. How to hurt you is lesson 2.”


Over 5,000 technologies are hidden by the Inventions Secrecy Act and other “National Security” legislation, according to Baird. Campaigners against this hidden oppression, a silent holocaust, number in the hundreds, while victims they represent number in the millions, he says.


“This widespread problem needs to be exposed as an adjunct to Edward Snowden’s revelations. What happens to Sean happens to real targets of covert mass surveillance once located,” Baird asserted.


“Ray Kurzweil’s Human Body 2.0 is being worked on as we speak,” writes West. “The only thing left to wonder is who will be in control of it?”


Millions of mind control targeted victims know not only that, but also that the buck stops with the U.S. government.


Like thousands of other targeted individuals, Alizad’s contacted several government agencies, including DHS, NSA, FBI, and the White House Secret Service Headquarters.


“I am not sure what other options I have in this case and what steps are necessary to bring justice and my voice to be heard,” he said in his initial email to Dupré, signing it, Thank you for your time. God Bless America.”


Sources: Personal Interviews with Paul Baird and Sean Alexander Alizada, Activist Post, Before It’s News



Congressman Denis J. Kucinich introduced in the House of Representatives a bill, which would oblige the American president to engage in negotiations aimed at the ban of space based weapons.

In this bill, the definition of a weapons system included:

“any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)… through the use of land-based, sea- based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations“(15).

As in all legislative acts quoted in this article, the bill pertains to sound, light or electromagnetic stimulation of the human brain.

Psychotronic weapons belong, at least for a layman uninformed of secret military research, in the sphere of science fiction, since so far none of the published scientific experiments has been presented in a meaningful way to World public opinion.

That it is feasible to manipulate human behavior with the use of subliminal, either by sound or visual messages, is now generally known and acknowledged by the scientific community.

This is why in most countries, the use of such technologies, without the consent of the individual concerned, is in theory banned. Needless to say, the use of these technologies is undertaken covertly, without the knowledge or consent of targeted individuals.

Devices using light for the stimulation of the brain constitute another mechanism whereby light flashing under certain frequencies could be used to manipulate the human psychic.

As for the use of sound, a device transmitting a beam of sound waves, which can be heard only by persons at whom the beam of sound waves is targeted, has been reported in several news media.  In this case, the beam is formed by a combination of sound and ultrasound waves which causes the targeted person to hear the sound inside his head. Such a procedure could affect the mental balance of  the targeted individual as well as convince him that he is, so to speak, mentally ill.

This article examines the development of technologies and knowledge pertaining to the functioning of the human brain and the way new methods of manipulation of the human mind are being developed.

Electromagnetic energy

One of the main methods of manipulation is through electromagnetic energy.

In the declassified scientific literature only some 30 experiments have been published supporting this assumption (1),(2). Already in 1974, in the USSR, after successful testing within a military unit in Novosibirsk, the Radioson (Radiosleep) was registered with the Government Committee on Matters of Inventions and Discoveries of the USSR, described as a method of induction of sleep by means of radio waves (3), (4), (5).

In the scientific literature, technical feasibility of inducing sleep in a human being through the use of radio waves is confirmed in a book by an British scientist involved in research on the biological effects of electromagnetism (6). A report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on nonionizing radiation published in 1991 confirms that:

“many of biological effects observed in animals exposed to ELF fields appear to be associated, either directly or indirectly, with the nervous system…” (2).

Among the published experiments, there are those where pulsed microwaveshave caused the synchronization of isolated neurons with the frequency of pulsing of microwaves. Ffor example, a neuron firing at a frequency of 0.8 Hz was forced in this way to fire the impulses at a frequency of 1 Hz. Moreover, the pulsed microwaves contributed to changing the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain (neurotransmitters are a part of the mechanism which causes the firing of neurons in the brain) and reinforcing or attenuating the effects of drugs delivered into the brain (1).

The experiment where the main brain frequencies registered by EEG were synchronized with the frequency of microwave pulsing (1,2) might explain the function of the Russian installation Radioson. Microwaves pulsed in the sleep frequency would cause the synchronization of the brain’s activity with the sleep frequency and in this way produce sleep.

Pulsing of microwaves in frequency predominating in the brain at an awakened state could, by the same procedure, deny sleep to a human being.

A report derived from the testing program of the Microwave Research Department at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research states

“Microwave pulses appear to couple to the central nervous system and produce stimulation similar to electric stimulation unrelated to heat”.

In a many times replicated experiment, microwaves pulsed in an exact frequency caused the efflux of calcium ions from the nerve cells (1,2). Calcium plays a key role in the firing of neurons and Ross Adey, member of the first scientific team which published this experiment, publicly expressed his conviction that this effect of electromagnetic radiation would interfere with concentration on complex tasks (7).

Robert Becker, who had share in the discovery of the effect of pulsed fields at the healing of broken bones, published the excerpts from the report from Walter Reed Army Institute testing program. In the first part “prompt debilitation effects” should have been tested (8). Were not those effects based on the experiment by Ross Adey and others with calcium efflux?

British scientist John Evans, working in the same field, wrote that both Ross Adey and Robert Becker lost their positions and research grants and called them “free-thinking exiles” (6). In 1975, in the USA, a military experiment was published where pulsed microwaves produced, in the brain of a human subject, an audio perception of numbers from 1 to 10 (9). Again the possibility to convince an individual that it is mentally ill is obvious. The testing program of American Walter Read Army Institute of Research, where the experiment took place, counts with “prompt auditory stimulation by means of auditory effects” and finally aims at “behavior controlled by stimulation” (8).

Let us assume that the words delivered into the brain were transcribed into ultrasound frequencies. Would not then the subject perceive those same words as his own thoughts?

And would this not imply that that his behavior was being controlled in this way through the transmission of ultrasound frequencies? In this regard, the American Air Force 1982 “Final Report On Biotechnology Research Requirements For Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000″ states:

“While initial attention should be toward degradation of human performance through thermal loading and electromagnetic field effects, subsequent work should address the possibilities of directing and interrogating mental functioning, using externally applied fields…” (10).

Several scientists have warned that the latest advances in neurophysiology could be used for the manipulation of the human brain.

In June 1995, Michael Persinger, who worked on the American Navy’s project of Non-lethal electromagnetic weapons, published a scientific article where he states:

“the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed… is now marginally feasible“ (11).

In 1998, the French National Bioethics Committee warned that  “neuroscience is being increasingly recognized as posing a potential threat to human rights“ (12). In May 1999 the neuroscientists conference, sponsored by the UN, took place in Tokyo. Its final declaration formally acknowledges that :

“Today we have intellectual, physical and financial resources to master the power of the brain itself, and to develop devices to touch the mind and even control or erase consciousness…We wish to profess our hope that such pursuit of knowledge serves peace and welfare” (13).

On the international political scene, in the last few years, the concept of remote control of the human brain has become  a matter of international and intergovernmental negotiation. In January 1999, the European Parliament passed a resolution where it called  “for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings.“ (14)

Already in 1997, nine states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) addressed the UN, OBSE and the states of the Interparliamentary Union with the proposal to place at the agenda of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the preparation and adoption of an international convention “On Prevention of Informational Wars and Limitation of Circulation of Informational Weapons” (16), (3).

Informational Weapons

The initiative was originally proposed, in the Russian State Duma, by Vladimir Lopatin (3). V. Lopatin worked, from 1990 to 1995, in sequence, in the standing committees on Security respectively of the Russian Federation, Russian State Duma and of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), specializing in informational security.(3). The concept of informational weapon or informational war is rather unknown to the world general public. In 1999, V. Lopatin, together with Russian scientist Vladimir Tsygankov, published a book „Psychotronic Weapon and the Security of Russia“ (3). There we find the explanation of this terminology:

 ”In the report on the research of the American Physical Society for the year 1993 the conclusion is presented that psychophysical weapon systems…can be used… for the construction of a strategic arm of a new type (informational weapon in informational war)…”

Among many references on this subject, we refer to Materials of the Parliament Hearings “Threats and Challenges in the Sphere of Informational Security”, Moscow, July 1996, “Informational Weapon as a Threat to the National Security of the Russian Federation” (analytical report of the Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation), Moscow, 1996 and a material “To Whom Will Belong the Conscientious Weapon in the 21st Century”, Moscow, 1997. (17).

In 2000 V. Lopatin introduced, after two other authors, the third in order bill on the subject of  “Informational and Psychological Security of the Russian Federation“. Lopotin’s findings were reviewed by the Russian newspaper Segodnya:

“…Means of informational-psychological influence are capable not only of harming the health of an individual, but, also of causing, according to Lopatin, ‘the blocking of freedom of will of human being on the subliminal level, the loss of the ability of political, cultural and social self identification, the manipulation of societal consciousness, which could lead to   the destruction of a sense of collective identify by the Russian people and nation’“ (16).

In the book “Psychotronic Weapons and the Security of Russia”, the authors propose among the basic principles of the Russian concept of defense against the remote control of the human psyche not only the acknowledgement of its existence, but also the fact that the methods of informational and psychotronic war are fully operational (“and are being used without a formal declaration of war”) (18). They also quote the record from the session of the Russian Federation’s Federal Council where V. Lopatin stated that psychotronic weapon can

“cause the blocking of the freedom of will of a human being on a subliminal level” or “instillation into the consciousness or subconsciousness of a human being of information which will trigger a faulty or erroneous perception of reality” (19).

In that regard, they proposed the preparation of national legislation as well as the establishment of legal international norms “aimed at the defense of human psyche against subliminal, destructive and informational manipulations” (20).

Moreover, they also propose the declassification of all analytical studies and research on the various technologies. They warned that, because this research has remained classified and removed from the public eye, it has allowed the arms race to proceed unabated. It has thereby contributed to increasing the possibility of psychotronic war.

Among the possible sources of remote influence on human psyche, the authors list the “generators of physical fields“ of “known as well as unknown nature” (21). In 1999 the STOA (Scientific and Technological Options Assessment), part of the Directorate General for Research of the European Parliament published the report on Crowd Control Technologies, ordered by them with the OMEGA foundation in Manchester (UK) (22, ).

One of four major subjects of the study pertained  to the so-called “Second Generation“ or “non lethal” technologies:

 ”This report evaluates the second generation of ‘non-lethal’ weapons which are emerging from national military and nuclear weapons laboratories in the United States as part of the Clinton Administration’s ‘non-lethal’ warfare doctrine now adopted in turn by NATO. These devices include weapons using… directed energy beam,…radio frequency, laser and acoustic mechanisms to incapacitate human targets” (23) The report states that „the most controversial ‚non-lethal‘ crowd control … technology proposed by the U.S., are so called Radio Frequency or Directed Energy Weapons that can allegedly manipulate human behavior… the greatest concern is with systems which can directly interact with the human nervous system“ (24). The report also states that „perhaps the most powerful developments remain shrouded in secrecy“ (25).

 The unavailability of official documents confirming the existence of this technology may be the reason why the OMEGA report is referencing, with respect to mind control technology, the internet publication of the author of this article (26 ).

 Similarly, the internet publication of the director of the American Human Rights and Anti-mind Control Organization (CAHRA), Cheryl Welsh, is referenced by the joint initiative of the Quaker United Nations Office, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, and Programme for Strategic and International Security Studies, with respect to non-lethal weapons (27).

On September 25th, 2000, the Committee on Security of the Russian State Duma discussed the addendum to the article 6 of the Federal law On Weapons. In the resolution we read:

“The achievements of contemporary science… allow for creation of measured methods of secret, remote influencing on the psyches and physiology of a person or a group of people“ (28). The committee recommended that the addendum be approved. The addendum to the article 6 of the Russian Federation law “On Weapons“ was approved on July 26, 2001. It states:

“within the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited the circulation of weapons and other objects… the effects of the operation of which are based on the use of electromagnetic, light, thermal, infra-sonic or ultra-sonic radiations…“ (29).

In this way, the Russian government made a first step to stand up to its dedication to the ban of mind control technology.

In the Doctrine of Informational Security of the Russian Federation, signed by president Putin in September 2000, among the dangers threatening the informational security of Russian Federation, is listed

“the threat to the constitutional rights and freedoms of people and citizens in the sphere of spiritual life… individual, group and societal consciousness“ and “illegal use of special means affecting individual, group and societal consciousness” (30). Among the major directions of the international cooperation toward the guaranteeing of the informational security is listed „the ban of production, dissemination and use of ‘informational weapon‘ “ (31).

The foregoing statement should be interpreted as the continuing Russian commitment to the international ban of the means of remote influencing of the activity of the human brain.

Similarly, in the above mentioned report, published by the STOA, the originally proposed version of the resolution of the European Parliament calls for:

“an international convention for a global ban on all research and development… which seeks to apply knowledge of the chemical, electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain to the development of weapons which might enable the manipulation of human beings, including a ban of any actual or possible deployment of such systems.“(32)

Here the term “actual” might easily mean that such weapons are already deployed.

Among the countries with the most advanced military technologies is the USA which did not present any international initiative demanding the ban of technologies enabling the remote control of human mind. (The original version of the bill by Denis J. Kucinich was changed.)

All the same, according to the study published by STOA, the US is the major promoter of the use of those weapons. Non lethal technology was included into NATO military doctrine due to their effort:  “At the initiative of the USA, within the framework of NATO, a special group was formed, for the perspective use of devices of non-lethal effects” states the record from the session of the Committee on Security of the Russian State Duma (28).

The report published by STOA states: “In October 1999 NATO announced a new policy on non-lethal weapons and their place in allied arsenals” (33). “In 1996 non-lethal tools identified by the U.S. Army included… directed energy systems” and “radio frequency weapons” (34) – those weapons, as was suggested in the STOA report as well, are being associated with the effects on the human nervous system.

According to the Russian government informational agency FAPSI, in the last 15 years,U.S. expenditures on the development and acquisition of the means of informational war has increased fourfold, and at present they occupy the first place among all military programs (17),(3).

Though there are possible uses of informational war, which do not imply mind control, the US Administration  has been unwilling to engage in negotiations on the ban on all forms of manipulation of the human brain. This unwillingness might indeed suggest that the US administration intends to use mind control technologies both within the US as well as internationally as an instrument of warfare.

One clear consequence of the continuation of the apparent politics of secrecy surrounding technologies enabling remote control of the human brain is that the governments, who own such technologies, could use them without having to consult public opinion. Needless to say, any meaningful democracy in today’s world could be disrupted, through secret and covert operations.  It is not inconceivable that in the future, entire population groups subjected to mind control technologies, could be living in a “fake democracy” where their own government or a foreign power could broadly shape their political opinions by means of mind control technologies.

Mojmir Babacek is the founder of the International Movement for the Ban of the Manipulation of the Human Nervous System by Technical Means,  He is the author of numerous articles on the issue of mind manipulation. 


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