Top 10 Tech Skills That Mean Six Figure Salaries

26 Feb

We asked our IT team here at CyberCoders to crunch the numbers and find out what were some of the most requested skills from the most sought after six-figure salary tech positions.

After a little data mining here are 10 tech skills that regularly mean six-figure salaries to those who know them.

1. Matlab

Often found in requests for data scientists, Matlab is a high-level technical computing language that’s used in a variety of industries. Its popularity is directly related to its effective visualization tools. It can be a very important tool for anyone interested in working with big data.

2. Hadoop

Another data related software, Hadoop is an open-source framework developed for the purpose of storing and processing big data. With the growth of big data in recent years, Hadoop could be the edge you’ll need to excel in data processing.

3. Machine Learning

With larger amounts of data, and more needs to process it, the ability to construct and write algorithms is very important. Machine Learning is a big trend, and will become more important as companies continue to develop products and services that rely on prediction-making to serve their customers.

4. Puppet

The number one skill requested from companies for operations engineers is Puppet, a configuration management system for IT Infrastructure. With operations engineers averaging an annual salary of $103,205.55, knowing Puppet could set you on the right path towards a six-figure income.

5. Python

Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language that programmers and developers, from all levels, know and use. That said, many big data or data scientists positions request this skill as a prerequisite for their senior level positions. For that reason, it makes our list.

6. R

Another high-level programming language, R is designed for statistical computing in graphics. It was the number one most requested skill for all ‘big data’ jobs across our network.

7. SAS

Also high on our big data list is SAS software. Used almost exclusively for data mining, SAS provides companies with advanced analytic capabilities, data management, and predictive analytics.

8 .Net

Out of the many different programming languages a software developer could use, .Net came in at the number one requested skill. With an average salary of $102,011.99, working with software development is a great career that can lead you into six-figure territory.

9. SQL

A very popular programming language used to manage data, SQL can be important to data engineers, big data professionals, as well as software developers. Salaries in these areas range from $150K to $102K. For that reason SQL is important.

10. ETL Systems

Standing for extract, transform, and load – ETL systems are incredibly important when dealing with database usage. It is also the second most sought after skill for data engineers.

For more detailed salary information. See our comprehensive 2016 Salary Guide.


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