Agree?: Patterns in the Bible

7 Feb

Should these things worry you then please remember that the single most repeated command in the Bible is: Don’t be afraid.

Just keep living the way you were, but try to settle any outstanding debts you may have or reconcile with people that you may have an argument with. If you’re doing something that you shouldn’t be doing, now is a very good time to stop. It’s always smart to join a church of some sort but it might take you a while to find one that suits you. There are all kinds, from chandelier swinging to academic gatherings, but it’s important that you are not alone.

We need to transcend money, but the monetary economy needs to naturally evolve towards its Heat Death. Please don’t dump any large fortunes on the market. Slowly invest in fields that are now sorely underfunded because they won’t make anybody any money. Try to refrain from purchases that serve very little purpose (like superyachts and Lamborghinis). Build schools and hospitals in stead.

Slowly wean people off central rule. Listen to the guys on the work floor; they know best. The crowd is wise, the swarm is smart.

Stop standardizing food production. Pull the plug out of the military industrial complex, clean up the atmosphere and begin to irrigate the world’s large deserts.

The universe is about to come to life the same way in which life began on planet earth, with a whole lot of little single-cellular life forms that all pretty much look the same. It would be very nice if the Kids from Planet Earth could try to look somewhat presentable.


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