Knowledge Doubling Curve

19 Jan

You know there had to be someone keeping track of what we know or don’t know. Buckminster Fuller is the author of the “Knowledge Doubling Curve.”

His research revealed that human knowledge doubled every century up to around 1900. The end of World War II reduced that time frame to every 25 years.

As you might imagine some parts of our knowledge advance faster than others. Some technical advances are doubling every two years while advances in clinical knowledge doubles every 18 months.

Where Are We Now

We’ve come a long way since the 1900s when human knowledge took a century to double. Current numbers show that all of human knowledge is doubling about every 13 months. So whatever you knew last June is obsolete.

If you believe an IBM paper that shows increasing computer speeds and storage, combined with Internet input, all of human knowledge will eventually double every 12 hours. I am so glad I am out of school. Whatever I learn one day will be outdated by the following day.

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