10 Countries that have the Happiest Students in the World – Insider Monkey

18 Nov


We created the list 10 countries that have the happiest students in the world using as a source PISA survey conducted in 2012 among 510 000 students between the ages of 15 and 16 from 65 countries. For the first time, students who did PISA test were asked to evaluate their happiness in school and this ranking is based on their answers. At the same time PISA asked principals whether teachers in their schools value the social and emotional development of the students as much as the students’ academic proficiency. It turns out that schools where teachers put equal emphasize on students’ emotional well-being and academic success have greater number of happy students.

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10 Countries that have the Happiest Students in the World10 Countries That Spend the Most on Education per StudentAlbania studens’ happiness attendance rates in countries with happiest students Colombia studens’ happiness Costa Rica studens’ happiness does country wealth influence students happiness factors influencing students’ happiness Iceland studens’ happiness indonesia has the happiest students Indonesia studens’ happiness Kazakhstan studens’ happiness low income countries have happy students Malaysia studens’ happiness Mexico studens’ happiness Peru studens’ happiness pisa students happiness Slideshow Thailand studens’ happiness the country with happiest students


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