Quakeshakes -live as they happen

17 Nov


Quakeshakes turns your home computer into a seismic monitoring station, showing you recent earthquake activity in the past hour, day or week.

Quakeshakes taps into the live feed of a worldwide network of seismic sensors that updates every 30 minutes. A giant 8.8 quake with tsunami waves rocks the ocean floor off the coast of Chile and chances are you’ll know about before it hits the news. 

Quakesshakes is fun to use and makes a great educational tool. Perfect for classroom labs or the science student at home. 

West coast of North America,
an active earthquake zone.The Himalayas towers marks the boundary between two tectonic plates.

You’ll be amazed

Literally dozens of seismic events, big and small, are striking the planet every day. Quakeshakes gives you a dramatic visual record. You’ll be amazed. 

Or you could display quakes from the last week. The number can run into the hundreds. You’ll see the earth as it really is: a dynamic, highly volatile planet that’s always on the move and never rests. 

Not only where but why

Quakeshakes is packed with interactive visual overlays. Learn about the earth’s tectonic plates and its “hot spots.” Explore the Pacific “rim of fire.” The mid-Atlantic ridge. See where earthquakes are most likely to occur and why. 

A giant quake shakes the coast of Indonesia and Quakeshakes shows you not only where but why. You’ll learn this is an area where the Australian and the mighty Eurasian plates collide, forming a convergent boundary, and is part of the infamous Alpide Belt”, which extends all the way out to the Atlantic. 

You will also learn that it’s not very far from the location of the massive December 2004 quake that killed a quarter of a million people in the resulting tsunamis. 

Why not download Quakeshakes

Installing Quakeshakes is fast and easy. Just click on the install badge below and follow the prompts onscreen. This is a fully functional 21-day trial version. Afterwards you’ll need to purchase a licence. Quakeshakes is based on Adobe Air. That means it’s fully compatible with iOS and Windows desktops. 

Want to buy Quakeshakes

Quakeshakes costs only $14.95. Purchasing a license is safe and secure. Just download this app and click on the purchase button. You’ll be taken to our payment processorFastspring, an e-commerce industry leader. 

We accept all major credit cards. Once your payment has been processed you’ll be given a license key. Just enter it along with your email address and your done. 

Once you have purchased Quakeshakes you will be entitled to all future updates of this app for free.


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