Our Rights

16 Oct


This book uses historical case studies to explore the rights in the Constitution. Supreme Court cases are used to demonstrate how a right received its modern interpretation, how the right applies today, and how courts and other interpreters seek to balance this right with important societal concerns such as public safety.

Download the complete book (pdf)
or individual sections

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 – Our Rights in American History
Chapter 2 – The Right to Freedom
Chapter 3 – The Right to Equal Protection of the Laws
Chapter 4 – The Right to Free Exercise of Religion
Chapter 5 – Separation of Church and State
Chapter 6 – The Right to Freedom of Speech
Chapter 7 – The Right to Freedom of the Press
Chapter 8 – The Right to Freedom of Assembly
Chapter 9 – The Right to Petition
Chapter 10 – The Right to Freedom from Racial Discrimination
Chapter 11 – The Right to Vote
Chapter 12 – The Right to a Fair Trial
Chapter 13 – The Right to Due Process
Chapter 14 – The Right to Habeas Corpus
Chapter 15 – The Right to Protection Against Illegal Search and Seizure
Chapter 16 – The Right to Protection Against Double Jeopardy
Chapter 17 – The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
Chapter 18 – The Right to Trial by Jury
Chapter 19 – The Right to Counsel
Chapter 20 – The Rights of Juvenile Defendants
Chapter 21 – The Right to Protection Against Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Chapter 22 – The Right of Privacy
Chapter 23 – The Right to Bear Arms
Chapter 24 – The Right to Property
Chapter 25 – The Future of Our Rights
Further Readings
Chapter Websites and Text Credits


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