Mental Calculation World Cup 2014

23 Jul

The Mental Calculation World Cup 2014 was held from 10/10/2014 to 12/10/2014 in the Faculty of Mathematics in Dresden University of Technology, Germany.

39 mental calculators from 17 countries participated.

The World Cup involved the following 5 main contests:

Adding ten 10-digit numbers, 10 tasks in 7 minutes
Winner: Granth Thakkar (India); 10 correct results in 242 seconds,
Multiplying two 8-digit numbers, 10 tasks in 10 minutes
Winner: Marc Jornet Sanz (Spain), 10 correct results in 295 seconds, world cup record
Calendar Calculations, one minute, random dates from the years 1600–2100
Winner: Marc Jornet Sanz (Spain), 64 correct results, world cup record
Square Roots from 6-digit numbers, 10 tasks in 10 minutes
Winner: Rhea Shah (India), 10 correct results in 135 seconds (each solved to eight significant figures), world cup record
Most Versatile Calculator (the best score for solving another 5 unknown “surprise tasks”)
Winner: Andreas Berger (Germany), 365/500
Granth Thakkar (India) won the title in the overall competition (combination of all 10 categories). Marc Jornet Sanz (Spain) was 2nd overall, and Chie Ishikawa (Japan) was 3rd.


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