Astral mind travel: is it possible?

30 Apr

11 Astral Travel Tips

In5D February 17, 2015 Meditation

by Operation-Meditation

Astral travel occurs when the mind leaves the physical body and is free to roam around the parallel astral plane. You can go anywhere in the universe that you want to and meet up with other consciousnesses that are traveling on the astral plane, including those people that you already know. Everyone has the ability to enter the astral plane. Follow these 11 tips to help with your astral travel.

1. Look After Your Health

Make sure that you are in good health, as a weak body can affect the ability to be able to project.

2. Be Relaxed

You must be completely relaxed, in body and in mind. Practice relaxing your entire body by concentrating on a specific muscle group and relaxing the muscles, then move on to another muscle group and so forth. Move your way around your body in this way until you are completely relaxed. Clear your mind of all the chaotic thoughts that so commonly whiz uninvited through our minds. Feel your mind becoming quiet, peaceful and still.

Concentrate on your breathing patterns. Take slow breaths and fell the air entering and leaving your body as you slowly inhale and then exhale. Visualize the air entering and leaving your body. Meditation is the perfect way to achieve a calm state of mind.

3. Use Sounds to Help

Try listening to sounds known as binaural beats when trying to project; these sounds alter the frequency of your brainwaves and make you better placed to be able to perform an astral projection.

4. Try Different Methods of Projection

Experiment with different methods of projecting yourself. What works well for one person may not be the best way for another person. Some common methods include the rope method, where you imagine yourself climbing out of your body using a rope, a visualization technique whereby you invoke a vivid visualization of floating free from your physical body, and another is where you imagine a solid object and imagine that you are using this object to pull yourself out of your body.

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5. Experiment with Different Times of the Day

Practice trying to project at different times of day. For some people last thing at night works well, others find that they are more successful first thing in the morning. There is no set time of day to have an astral projection.

6. Release Fear

As your vibrations lift, you will feel your body start to pulse and vibrate. This is completely normal. Do not become distracted from whichever method you are using to project. Focus solely on that and do not be afraid of the sensations happening to your body. As your consciousness is almost ready to leave your body, you will experience a partial, or sometimes full, paralysis. This can be unnerving, but understand that it is natural and you will regain all movement when you re-enter your body. You not allow any fear to prevent the final stages of your projection. You will then feel yourself free of your body, with a floating or hovering sensation.

You cannot get lost on the astral plane, and you cannot become stuck outside of your physical body. Your body and your consciousness are connected at all times by the silver cord – an energy flow that keeps you linked at all times.

7. Be Patient

If you do not succeed on your first attempt, try again. Do not allow yourself to become easily disheartened. Remain confident that it is possible and believe that it will happen sooner or later. You must be determined and motivated.

8. Want to Project

Have a strong wish to travel. Curiosity is not enough. You must really have the intention and desire to leave your body and visit the astral realm.

9. Learn More

Read as much as you can about the topic, to gain a greater understanding of how to do it and what to expect. Watch documentaries and other recorded accounts. Hearing about other people’s experiences can be very helpful.

Likewise, sharing your own experiences with like-minded people can help you to understand better.

10. Move Away from Your Body

When you leave your body, move away from it. This will prevent you from being immediately being snapped back in. Explore and familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

11. Record Your Experiences

After each astral projection, keep a record of your experiences. Try and note the amount of time that you spent outside of your physical body.

In5D Addendum: Whether you are astral traveling or lucid dreaming, ALWAYS remember to shut off your cell phone! One day, I was just starting to lift out of my body for the first time when my cell phone rang. Immediately, I came back into my body. Lesson learned, so please learn from my mistake!


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