Confronting future catastrophic threats to humanity

18 Jan

The first two papers to be published in
the Futures special issue
“Confronting future catastrophic threats
to humanity” co-edited by
Seth Baum of GCRI and Bruce Tonn of
University of Tennessee are now

How much could refuges help us
recover from a global catastrophe?
(subscription/paywall) by Nick
Beckstead of GiveWell. This article
argues that refuges would not be a
cost-effective means of reducing
global catastrophic risk.

Feeding everyone: Solving the food
crisis in event of global
catastrophes that kill crops or obscure
the sun
by David Denkenberger of GCRI and
Joshua Pearce of Michigan
Technological University. This article
further develops Denkenberger
and Pearce’s work on alternative foods
for surviving global
catastrophes as in their new book
Feeding Everyone No Matter What.

** Feeding Everyone Publications &
Media Coverage

In addition to their article in Futures,
Denkenberger and Pearce have
also published two short summaries of
their new book Feeding Everyone
No Matter What: Managing Food
Security After Global Catastrophe, both
via the publisher Elsevier. 10 ways to
feed ourselves after a global
agricultural collapse
has been published at Elsevier Connect.
Life after global catastrophe:
How do we feed everyone?
has been published at Elsevier

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