Pearls of wisdom: The truth behind common sayings

28 Dec
* 19 December 2014 by Richard Webb

A watched pot never boils and the early
bird does catch the worm,
but you can teach old dogs new tricks

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man
healthy, wealthy and wise

Answering that would involve tracking
how our habits influence our
development over many years. Luckily,
the US National Longitudinal
Study of Adolescent to Adult Health has
been doing just that with
some 15,000 young people since 1994.
In the fourth wave of
interviews in 2008, with respondents
aged between 24 and 34,
self-confessed night owls tended to
have higher IQs – and
higher-paid jobs. Satoshi Kanazawa of
the London School of Economics
suggests a reverse logic: the more
intelligent you are, the more
likely you are to adopt novel
evolutionary practices such as being
up at the witching hour. So while the
jury remains out on the
healthy part, if you want to make a
packet, take a mallet to that
alarm clock.


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