Abandoned Romanian mine now an underground theme park

12 Nov

Illuminated structures inside the mine.
Image by bortescristian | Flickr.
Following what it seems to be a
growing trend of turning old mines into
touristic attractions, a defunct salt
mine in the Romanian region of
Transylvania has opened as an
underground amusement park, history
museum and spa.
After operating as a mine since the
Roman Empire times until 1932, the
former Turda Salt Mine (or Salina
Turda) closed down to reopen for
tourists in 1992.

Minigolf. Image by bortescristian |
It now looks like something from out of

Image by Camelia TWU | Flickr.
Offering a unique climate, the mine is
free of allergens and bacteria, which
makes it idea for sufferers of hay fever
or asthma. At 80% humidity it
maintains a steady temperature of 11
to 12 degrees Celsius.

Vertical shafts take you deep into the
mine. Image by bortescristian|Flickr.
Its current attractions include a Ferris
wheel, billiard tables, a mini-golf
course, ping-pong, a bowling alley, and
an underground lake with paddleboats.

Image by bortescristian | Flickr.
It also holds a180-seat amphitheater
to host the occasional concert.

Image by Keepwaddling1|Flickr.
To offset the darkness, bright lights
hang vertically on strings from the 50-metre ceiling, illuminating dripping
stalactites with a blue-tinged glow.

Image by bortescristian | Flickr.
As the complex has grown in
popularity over the last 20 years,
Salina Turda has recently announced it
will extend operations hours and
schedule regular guided visits,
begining August 15.


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