Advice from George Soros

19 Oct

−Someone has to rule the many, time
start saving for genetically
engineered grandchildren now…

Valentin Spataru …
2 days ago

I was born close to your birthplace
:-), so please guide me.

Your book “The Alchemy of
Finance” is on my desk now and I wonder:

1. When can speculation hurt
others? What should we do?
2. I have been too busy studying the frauds,
the brain and Metaphysics to have
time to follow the economy and
‘speculate’, but I got poor finances now and want to earn some money: what
school do you recommend to
master the macroec. area?

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George Soros…
a day ago
1. Speculation is a double edge
sword, use it sparingly and
wisely. The only real
speculation in life that should
be consistent is how well off
you will be. Times and seasons
change, sometimes your ahead,
some times your behind, never
quit reaching higher.

2. As most people today are
afraid of moving away from
home, family and friends, first I
would learn about the
economic strengths of your
geographic area. An MBA in
econ isn’t worth as much to the
oil drillers in North Dakota as it
is to those in Silicon Valley. If
you have your heart set on the
MBA in econ, then find a college
with a 5 year program,
assuming your starting out
from scratch. Choose a school
there will also fit with your
goals. If you want to live and
work a city like NYC the school
name matters a lot. In smaller
cities, they are happy to have
qualified people applying.

Take risks, be bold, be happy
and no matter your station in
life, you will have satisfaction.

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Valentin Spata…
in a few seconds
I appreciate. Will you need associates?

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This comment was deleted.

George Soros …
2 days ago

and what solutions to the world
have you come up with? Come to
god? How does that feed and
clothe the millions of cold and
starving? Has to told you how to
cure ebola? Nice troll by the way.

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Valentin Spata…
a few seconds ago
Solution: family planning (birth
control), continuous education, nutrition,
exercise, love, spirituality,
balance, wise feeding of all
senses, and hope
Plus: relationships, community work, and the RULE: don’t do what is not liked and/or approved.


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