Miami-Dade County – waste-to-energy plant, one of the most technologically advanced waste-to-energy facilities in the world, featuring a state-of-art air quality control system.

31 Mar

Resources Recovery Facility

The Resources Recovery Facility (RRF) is a waste-to-energy plant located in northwest Miami-Dade County.  Beginning commercial operations in 1985, the 77-megawatt facility is operated by Covanta Energy through a contractual agreement with the County. The RRF is one of the most technologically advanced waste-to-energy facilities in the world, featuring a state-of-art air quality control system.

Approximately 1.2 million tons of waste are processed annually, with 240,000 tons of the material being processed into a biomass fuel for export out of Miami-Dade County. The facility is a critical component of the County’s integrated waste management system. The RRF is supported by two County-owned and operated landfills, a co-located ash monofill and three solid waste transfer stations.

Waste delivered to the plant is processed in two separate operations: one for garbage, which is food waste or other items that come out of the kitchen; and one for trash, which can include yard waste, furniture, fixtures and other similar waste items.

On the garbage side, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recovered for recycling. These materials are sold to outside vendors and are a source of recycling credit for the County.  The remaining garbage is shredded to produce refuse derived fuel, which is used to generate electricity. On the trash side, the material is sorted and shredded. Magnets separate recyclable ferrous materials and high-grade soil is removed through a series of trommels.

This process produces a biomass fuel, some of which is used on site to supplement the refuse-derived fuel. The remaining biomass fuel is sold to cogeneration facilities in Central Florida. The ash product resulting from the waste-to-energy process is 10% of the original waste-material volume delivered to the plant.  This ash is placed in a monofill — a specially constructed landfill used only for ash — located adjacent to the plant.

Power generated at the facility is sold to a private company and supplied to the electrical grid. This amount of energy is sufficient to operate the plant and to supply the electrical needs of approximately 45,000 homes.  Revenue generated from the sale of the electricity is shared equally between the County and the plant operator. The County’s portion of the revenue is used to offset the plant’s operational costs and to meet the community’s disposal needs.

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View parts 1 and 2 of the Miami-Dade TV Resources Recovery Facility video.

via Miami-Dade County – Public Works and Waste Management – Resources Recovery Facility.


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