7 Things to Do in Your Bedroom That Can Save Your Life, Jacquelyn Mitchard – AARP

19 Jan


several effortless
things that can help you live a longer,
sweeter life? It’s true. Read on.

1. Have Breakfast in
Take your coffee, tea and
toast to bed and begin your
day — slowly. Contrary to
what we’re so often inclined

Take the time to dine in. —Alamy

to do, don’t hit the ground
running. Studies at Harvard University and
in many other medical settings show that
the risk of having a heart attack is highest
during the first few hours of the day. The
cardiovascular system needs more blood
and oxygen to get started at a time when the
blood vessels are most constricted, which is
the case after an extended period of rest. A
calm, paced start to your day protects not
only your heart but your peace of mind.

2. Stretch When You Get
However restful your night,
you’ll wake with some tight
muscles. After your shower,
but before you hit the road

Reachandstretch.— Gary
JohnNorman/Getty Images

or the desk, stretch. The
Mayo Clinic says a morning stretch is a
natural instinct that can have mega health
benefits. A five-minute stretch starting with
the neck, progressing to the arms and
shoulders and lower back and calves
improves circulation, boosts joint health and
increases flexibility. You’ll feel great, and
those warmed-up, stronger muscles will
carry you safely through the day. When
you’re supple instead of stiff as you move
about, you’ll be less likely to hurt yourself.


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