Kill cancer

24 Nov

The research team tested ten known
protective chemical nutrients
found in foods like broccoli, grapes, apples,
tofu, and turmeric
root (a spice used in Indian curry) before
settling upon six -Curcumin known as tumeric, Isoflavone
from soybeans, Indo-3-Carbinol from cruciferous plants, C-phycocyanin from spirulina,
Reservatrol from grapes, and Quercetin, a
flavonoid present in
fruits, vegetables, and tea. The researchers
administered these six
at bioavailable levels to both breast cancer
and control cells.
They tested the compounds individually
and in combination. They
found that the compounds were ineffective
individually. When
combined, though, the super cocktail
suppressed breast cancer cell
growth by more than 80%, inhibited
migration and invasion, caused
cell cycle arrest, and triggered the process
leading to cell death
resulting in the death of 100% of the breast
cancer cells in the
sample. The researchers observed no
harmful effects on the control
cells. Further analysis also identified
several key genes, which
could serve as markers to follow the
progress of therapy.


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