Warm Mineral Springs is the only warm water mineral spring in the State of Florida. When will it reopen?

18 Sep

In June 2013, due to the incredible incompetence of the City of North Port Commissioners (Cheryl Cook, Tom Jones, Rhonda Y. DiFranco, Vice-Mayor Jim Blucher, and Mayor Linda M. Yates) and the inability of the Sarasota County Board of Commissioners and staff to convince North Port to act legally and responsibly, the Warm Mineral Springs closed to the public on June 30, 2013.[18]

This action was due to a change of North Port Commissioners in the last election, their unwillingness to honor the co-purchase of the Springs with Sarasota County, their desire to sell the Springs to anyone but Sarasota County, or to get it into private hands, or buy it to turn it into a city park.

The closing of Warm Mineral Springs cost North Port 60 jobs and a $700,000 a year payroll. The impact on the local economy for tourist and resident dollars for hotels, restaurants, health/wellness professionals, etc. is unknown.[19]

via Warm Mineral Springs (spring) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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