Video: Ice Massages for Plantar Fasciitis | eHow

28 Aug

Video: Ice Massages for Plantar Fasciitis | eHow.

You’re going to position a towel underneath your client’s ankle and foot for the ice massage segment. Keeps your table dry and gives you a way to deal with the excess moisture that’s coming from this process. You’ll take a Dixie cup that you’ve frozen and you’re going to peel back the lip. It’s always helpful to let your client know that you’re going to be touching them and introduce the ice slowly. Try to find a place somewhere where it won’t be a shock. So I’m going to be placing some ice now and what you’re going to do is you’re going to turn it so that the broadest part of the ice is making direct contact with the skin and you’re going to work your ice cup back and forth in circular motions. In this case, I’m using a little bit of a figure eight. There’s an initial period when you place ice on your client where it feels almost intolerable. And frequently people will say, “oh, please take it off”. But what I’ve found is that you have to take it just past that place and then there’s enough numbing that has occurred that it becomes tolerable. You’re going to focus on working over the area where the majority of the acute discomfort is. Now with the icing in the foot, you can move it up into the base of the foot, but you know, be aware that it is cold and people are ticklish. Feet are very tender and sensitive. Now the muscle here is not as big as some of the areas we worked on earlier, so I am not inclined to use the entire ice cup. On average, you want to take anywhere from five to seven minutes. You can even ice an area for as long as ten to twelve. That’s a fairly long period of time with an ice cup. And once again, I like to use the ice massage because it gives a much more deep and thorough icing of the area. Okay pat it off, dry your client’s foot and then go ahead and cover the area and move on to the next part of the body that you’re working with.


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