Auto Insurance: Get Your Buzzquote: Good? Any other is better?

22 Aug

The conspiracy is REAL. Don’t be fooled by fancy advertisements and branding.

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via Get Your Buzzquote.


Why you need a buzzquote

It’s true, driving a car can be dangerous. You need to be careful. Don’t drive drunk, and don’t go too fast. But let me ask you this: has a serious accident ever been your fault?

No? Then why do you still pay – $40, $60, maybe $80 per month – just to keep your car on the road?

It isn’t fair: Why should you pay so much if you’ve never caused an accident?

You see, the reason you need to pay so much is that your insurance rates are controlled in your state capital.

You’re required by state law to carry insurance.

But your state only allows a few well-connected big insurance companies to give you quotes.

Every year, lobbyists for these big insurance companies put on lots of expensive parties.

And every year, the same big insurance companies write big checks to your state politicians.

With this money, your politicians put ads on TV, so they get re-elected.

And then the politicians allow the insurance companies raise their rates every year.

The politicians stay in office.

The insurance companies stay rich.

And you get screwed.


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