God gives visions

13 Jul

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) – Pam Ragland was watching a TV report about
the search for an 11-year-old California boy missing in a rural town miles
away when she felt something wasn’t right.

Ragland began crying and then a haunting vision popped into her head: A
young boy lying on his side with his eyes closed.

The boy, Terry Dewayne Smith Jr., wasn’t sleeping – and by the time
Ragland’s visions stopped, she had led detectives to his decomposing
body behind his house in the Riverside County community of Menifee.

The remains had been partially buried in a shallow grave under a tree
more than 60 miles from Ragland’s Orange County home.

Authorities on Friday decided to charge the boy’s 16-year-old half-brother
with murder. The teen is due in juvenile court on Monday, and prosecutors
have requested a hearing to determine if he should be tried as an adult.

The Associated Press is not naming the suspect because he is a juvenile.

Detectives acknowledged it was a bizarre way to find the boy’s body, and
they are investigating whether Ragland had anything to do with the death.

Ragland, 50, said she relies on intuition to see things that others don’t.

“It was just his recurrent picture that was in my head that never changed,”
she said. “I was getting a snapshot but I couldn’t understand why he
wasn’t moving. He had his eyes closed, but I just thought he was

Sgt. Lisa McConnell, a Riverside County sheriff’s spokeswoman,
confirmed that Ragland called in the tip that led them to the body, but she
would not comment further. An investigation to rule out Ragland’s
possible involvement in the crime was ongoing, McConnell said.

“In terms of any kinds of abilities that she has, I can’t confirm that,”
McConnell said.

A detective involved in the search, however, said he was impressed with
the discovery.

“She actually went right up the driveway of the house, onto the property,
and right up to the body of this boy,” Riverside County sheriff’s Detective
John Powers told KFI-AM radio, which was first media outlet to get
officials to confirm her account.

“Not in 23 years have I ever seen anything like this,” Powers said.

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