11 Jul

Understanding how local and organic
blend in the SERP above, for example,
tells us a couple of things. Google back-filled the 7-pack with three purely local
results, indicating an opportunity for
sites that might be weak on organic
ranking factors but are decently
optimized for local.

There’s also a potential opportunity for
some of the lower-ranking organic
results to get promoted above other
organic results by improving their local
ranking factors. For example, #10 could
jump above #7 and #8 (using the organic
counting method) with some solid local
SEO efforts. In the overall SERP, #10
could jump just behind #9, effectively
gaining five spots.

Effectively, there are two algorithms in
play here, and they overlap. Local is no
longer a purely independent
consideration, and “blending” is a
dynamic process that potentially opens
up new opportunities. We’re going to see
this with more and more “verticals,”
including Knowledge Graph — these
features will start to cross over into
organic results and modify them with
specialized sub-algorithms. Being visible
in these SERPs will require an
understanding of how all of the pieces fit


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