Wiser Way To Invest In Solar

28 Jun

Urban says the MLP legislation must clear two hurdles. First, it has to be well regarded and popular, which he believes it arguably is. “It’s the unicorn of renewable energy tax proposals because it has broad bipartisan support across the political spectrum,” Urban says.

Second, he notes, it needs to find the appropriate legislative vehicle to be attached to, such as a tax bill with an energy title or an energy bill with a tax title.

Urban doesn’t expect action on the MLP legislation until the fall, at the earliest, but he’s confident it could be passed at some point. “In this business, you never say anything is a sure thing,” he says, “but if you look at this proposal, it shares the characteristics of many popular proposals that have been enacted into law.”

In addition to having bipartisan support, he says, it affects more than a narrow group of recipients and it’s a move toward the simplification and fairness that other energy projects and investors are already receiving.

Homan agrees. “Being able to offer renewable energy projects with an MLP structure would greatly simplify the transactions and bring a much greater audience to the space,” he says. He also thinks it would stimulate job growth and prompt more innovation in related technologies.

Homan recently met with his congresswoman and the U.S. Department of Energy, and will continue to push for reform. “We would like someone to step up with us and get involved,” he says.

via Wiser Way To Invest In Solar.


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