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5 Jun

Passwords Are Obsolete with New Rublon Cryptographic Login System

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Fri May 24, 2013 8:35am EDT

Passwords Are Obsolete with New Rublon Cryptographic Login System

PR Newswire

ZIELONA GORA, Poland, May 24, 2013

ZIELONA GORA, Poland, May 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Websites started integrating Rublon, the cryptographic login system that eliminates passwords ( The free Rublon API has been published with a set of plugins allowing for securing websites easily and rapidly. One university has already started using the service.

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Your secure digital identity

We see ever more headlines like: “Passwords can’t protect us anymore,” “Server security breached,” “Identity stolen.” Michal Wendrowski, active on the Internet business scene since he was 11 years old, curbed the forays of cyberspace criminals by developing a new safe method for logging in without passwords. It transforms the smartphone into a private “key to the Internet.”

Rublon is a new type of digital identity. It falls into the category of systems implementing two-factor authentication without the need for any specialised device like an electronic card or token. A common smartphone with the Rublon application installed may fulfil that role. It allows for logging in without the use of passwords. Rublon is the first of its kind, not to mention free system guaranteeing the highest standards of security. This is the effect of tried and tested cryptography methods (asymmetric 2048-bit RSA keys) as well as the most secure encryption algorithms (AES 256-bit) usually used by military, financial or government institutions.

Rublon API

After more than two years of intensive development, Adips (the company behind the service) has published the Rublon API, making it available to web developers and website owners. They are able to take advantage of ready-made plugins for popular online systems like community platforms (e.g. phpBB, SMF, vBulletin), the WordPress blogging platform and Magento online stores directly from the Rublon Developers Area ( Apart from making the PHP library available to software developers, direct access to REST API has been provided, thus Rublon may also be serviced by websites based on any programming language. Plans currently in the pipeline include the development of modules for secure logging in to a wider range of online stores.

By using Rublon to protect their websites, businesses minimize the occurrence of fraud and efficiently reduce the costs and risks associated with handling user accounts and data management.

Why should websites be protected with Rublon?

1. Passwords are not safe

Hackers have at their disposal a wide range of methods for unauthorized acquisition of login data (methods such as phishing and breaking into servers). We are constantly being informed by the media regarding cases where millions of passwords are being stolen from servers – even the best known and seemingly well protected websites. Instead of a password, Rublon uses a “key” in the form of a smartphone, which dramatically shifts the balance of power between the cyber criminals and their victims, which so far have essentially been defenceless. It is not possible to steal millions of phones! Whereas in the event of one device falling into the wrong hands, security is guaranteed by data encryption and the Rublon mobile application PIN. And of course the user may, at any time, suspend their Rublon account.

2. Rublon is the easiest way to log in

All you have to do is, once the browser is open, log into any Rublon protected website by scanning a QR code with your smartphone. Every subsequent login will simply entail pressing the Rublon button – maintaining full security!

3. Passwords are disliked

Passwords are a pain experienced by literally every Internet user. Due to their cumbersome usage (they must be remembered, periodically changed, manually entered every time), they are usually and contrary to the recommendations simple, used across multiple websites in the same form and not changed for years. Every day, thousands of people across the globe have password issues which they are unable to overcome.

Example implementations

The University of Zielona Gora recently decided in favor of using this new authentication method across their websites requiring user authentication, including StudNet (, which is being used by over 15,000 students. The University Computer Center performed the installation, under the watchful eyes of PhD Eng Przemyslaw Baranowski. His presentation at the i3’2013 Internet of the future science conference was met with significant interest.

You may also use Rublon to log in to websites still using passwords

The mobile Rublon app not only makes registering and logging in to Rublon protected websites easier, but also to those still based on passwords. This is possible thanks to the password manager that is integrated with the Rublon mobile app and which works together with your web browser. Once the browser extension is installed, every supported website will display the Rublon icon in the bottom right hand corner, which should be clicked in order to log in.

Rublon demo:

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