“Reorganization”, Resistance, & Zero State

17 Sep

“Reorganization”, Resistance, & Zero State
by Rüdiger Koch, Amon Kalkin, & Dirk Bruere


Reorganization and Control:

There is a power grab going on at the moment which is unprecedented in
history. It would be accurate to refer to a rising “New World Order”,
but that phrase is already clouded by unhelpful conspiracy theory. The
German term Neuordnung simply means “reorganization”, and that is very
much what is happening right now – a reorganization of the world which
leaves you powerless, and totally controlled. Once the reorganization
is complete, there will be nothing you can do about it. Surveillance
is on the rise, with face recognition technology, the cashless
society, mobile robots and drones, suspension of constitutional
rights, and any number of other infringements on your freedoms. In
just a few years we won’t be able to do anything without the
governments (or rather, their smart software) knowing.

It is very difficult to grasp the nature of the paradigm shift
underway, and it is impossible to resist what you do not understand;
Now is the time to get educated, and organised. This post will outline
what is happening, and what you can do about it.

Hooking everyone on debt:

The current phase of extremely low interest makes it rational to
borrow. Even though we are in the middle of a debt crisis, credit is
currently expanding faster than ever before. The IMF and the World
Bank play that game masterfully, but be afraid: Interest will
eventually rise and there will be a credit contraction, at which time
the banks will harvest the collaterals. Spain is a recent textbook
example of such a situation. The banks get all the real estate and the
people will remain indebted and will have to pay interest for the rest
of their miserable lives.

The war on money laundering isn’t really about revenue from illegal
drugs. It’s about tax evasion. Historically, taxes had a ceiling of
about 40%, after which the resistance to further tax rises became
overwhelming. Now, with Fiat money, we also have an inflation tax
which allows for much higher taxation. In the upcoming cashless
society, every transaction will be monitored so the government will
know precisely what the nature of the transaction is. Tax evasion will
be impossible and hence, taxes can be raised arbitrarily.

There will be tremendous pressure on successful alternative currencies
such as Bitcoin, because they have the capacity to disrupt the
government’s cashless society fundamentally, simply side-stepping
centralised control. The loser in this scenario is the ‘little guy’,
who historically did business in cash to avoid the taxman – major
players such as corporations will use their money to find loopholes
and create cosy relationships with government, as they always have.

World Government:

World Government already exists. We’re not talking about the UN, or
organizations like UNESCO which are doing such an incredibly bad job
that we can only conclude that they are not pursuing their objectives
but doing somebody else’s work. The true “Global Government” exists in
the form of the IMF and the World Bank. There are also the Global
Players such as GE and the largest banks. It is interesting to study
the evolution of Siemens and GE in this context; Over the last two
decades they’ve shed pretty much all of their productive functions,
and yet are now more powerful than ever before. They have become
leading banks – owned by other banks.

Some commentators on Zero State & Consensus ideas have asked why we
emphasise national independence as a good thing, rather than a Global
Government along the lines of a United Nations which has been
entrusted with a “monopoly of force”. To clarify our position:
International cooperation is a very good thing, indeed necessary to
solve many of the world’s current problems, but pooling all authority
in a single “centre” carries a great risk of emergent world
Totalitarianism, and is not likely to respect the world’s diversity of
culture and opinion. Instead, it would be better to devolve practical
administration to the lowest possible level (local communities) and
tie the world’s nations and communities together in a cooperative web
through treaties and Non-Governmental Organizations. Not only is the
UN ineffective at stopping international conflict, but the danger of
central authority is plainly illustrated by the financial institutions
mentioned above – something intuitively understood by those who call
for single authoritarian Global Governments of their own preferred
flavour, be it World Communism, a Universal Caliphate, or anything

In short, our vision is one of international cooperation, not control.

Who is behind it?

There is no single evil mastermind behind these trends. There would
appear to be an evolution of the banking & government communities in
progress: Memes and methods that make the banks and government
stronger are retained, others are discarded. An elaborate reward
system (a memeplex in itself) makes sure that the humans involved put
all their resources into executing existing memes and developing new
ones (e.g. new financial “instruments” or the “war on money
laundering”). In other words, it’s a whirlpool of ever-accelerating
events where every dangerous development that goes unopposed leads to
further, even more dangerous developments.

In a way, a particularly sinister kind of Singularity – an
exponentially accelerating process – is happening here and now.
Although positive Singularities are conceivable and desirable, the
system we see currently unfolding views the human being as a
replaceable cog in the machine – every human; even the most powerful
man on earth! We are just lucky that this system is not yet
ubiquitous. That is about to change: Time is running out.

It is also lucky for us that we are still necessary cogs in the
machine. Just imagine what happens when large swathes of humanity are
considered dispensable!

We may find one ray of hope in an unexpected place – a sign that
individuals can make a difference. This unlikely beacon is the fact
that the entities behind the current global financial situation are
not all major corporations or governments, but sometimes are simply
very wealthy, well-connected individuals. Although these people are
invariably not on our side, we should pay attention to the lesson they
teach – that it is possible for individuals to affect the state of the
system, if they can get their hands on the right levers. Conspiracies
(in the literal sense – plans cooked up by individuals and groups) do
exist and can be game-changers, even if we don’t often see them on the
scale of the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank these days. For
example, few know that George Soros supported the Occupy movement, and
even fewer know what he hoped to achieve through such support. The
thing to understand here is that certain individuals with vast
resources will have vested interests that occasionally coincide with
ours, and we must make use of that fact where we can.

What can ZS do?

The Zero State movement is a nexus of organization. It is a “large
tent” which accommodates many views and initiatives (ranging from the
philosophical to the purely political with many stops between), and
within which people can share information and other resources in an
effort to escape the unfolding situation described above.

Our core message is that government needs to be separated from
controlling influences such as finance and religion – that we do not
accept rule by The One Percent or Fundamentalists. Our emphasis is
upon the creation of realistic, pragmatic paths of action, bypassing
the rotten structures of government entirely where feasible and

Join us, and help us connect with other groups to spread the word –
help us build a dynamic nation of resistance and preparation before it
is too late. At the very least, we would ask that you encourage your
friends to read this post, and see what they think.

>From here, we recommend that you take a look at the following sources
of information, to get started:

1) Zero State website (with links to social networks, mailing lists etc)

2) Zero State Agenda 2020 (blog post)

3) The Consensus (ZS-affiliated political party) Manifesto [pdf]

Zero State mailing list:


[tt] [ZS]


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