Human settlement of Mars in 2023 – Mars One

9 Aug

Mars One will take humanity to Mars in 2023, to establish the foundation of a permanent settlement from which we will prosper, learn, and grow. Before the first crew lands, Mars One will have established a habitable, sustainable settlement designed to receive new astronauts every two years. To accomplish this, Mars One has developed a precise, realistic plan based entirely upon existing technologies. It is both economically and logistically feasible, in motion through the aggregation of existing suppliers and experts in space exploration.
We invite you to participate in this journey, by sharing our vision with your friends, by supporting our effort, and perhaps, by becoming the next Mars astronaut yourself.

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Mars One is a private project led by Dutch entrepreneur, Bas Lansdorp, to establish a permanent human colony on Mars.[1] Announced in June 2012, the plan is to send a communication satellite to the planet by 2016 and after several stages, finally land humans on Mars for permanent settlement in 2023.[2] A new set of four astronauts will then arrive every two years.[3] The group is endorsed by Nobel Prize winning physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft.[2][4]


Reality TV show

Mars One is attempting to secure sponsors and investors[5] by making it a reality television show and have prospective astronauts selected by the public.[3][6] Putting the first four astronauts on Mars alone is expected to cost approximately US$6 billion.[7] Mars One has identified at least one potential supplier for each of the components of the mission.[4][8] They claim that the project’s costs are minimized because it would be a one way trip.[9] Returning humans from Mars would require far more time and resources.

Mission plan

Mars One plans to establish the first human settlement on Mars. According to their schedule, the first crew of four astronauts would arrive on Mars in 2023, after a seven month journey from Earth. Further teams would join their settlement every two years, with the intention that by 2033 there will be over twenty people living, and working on Mars.

The mission plan is as follows:[4]

  • 2013: The first 40 astronauts will be selected;[7] a replica of the settlement will be built for training purposes.
  • 2014: The first communication satellite will be produced.
  • 2016: A supply mission will be launched with 2500 kilograms of food in a modified SpaceX Dragon.
  • 2018: An exploration vehicle will launch to pick the location of the settlement.
  • 2021: Six additional Dragon capsules and another rover will launch with two living units, two life support units and two supply units.
  • 2022: A SpaceX Falcon Heavy will launch with the first group of four colonists.
  • 2023: The first colonists will arrive on Mars in a modified Dragon capsule.
  • 2025: A second group of four colonists will arrive.
  • 2033: The colony will reach 20 settlers.[1]

The Mars One website states that the team behind Mars One began planning of Mars One in 2011. The company states that they researched the feasibility of the idea with specialists and expert organizations, and discussed the financial, psychological and ethical aspects of it.[10]




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