World Values Survey

28 May

The 6th WVS waveThe World Values Survey Association is carrying out a new wave of surveys during 2011-2012. This wave will cover at least 50 countries, but funding decisions are still pending for a number of additional countries. Data from all previous waves are available from the World Values Survey website.Site Shortcuts:Download Survey Data FilesDirectory of InvestigatorsOnline Data AnalysisTechnical informationDocumentation of DataAdditional documentsFAQS Welcome to the World Values Survey website. This is a place to learn more about values and cultural changes in societies all over the world.New wave of surveys,The World Values Survey WVS network will carry out a new wave of surveys in 2010 – 2012. This will provide a 30-year time series for the analysis of social and political change.Learn more about the WVS,Brochure presenting the World Values Survey.The WVS Cultural Map of the World, Ronald Inglehart & Chris WelzelThis map reflects the fact that a large number of basic values are closely correlated; they can be depicted in just two major dimensions of cross-cultural variation. Update Added supplementary data file.The Institute for Futures Studies,The secretariat of the World Values Survey will from 2012 have its seat at the Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, Sweden, under the leadership of Associate Professor Bi Puranen, Secretary General of the World Values Survey association WVSA and Principal Investigator of WVS Sweden. Bi Puranen will be affiliated as Senior Research Fellow to the Institute for Futures Studies.Visit The Institute for Futures StudiesRon Inglehart and Pippa Norris,is awarded the Johan Skytte Prize for their research on value change.IDEA is supporting the 6th wave of the WVS,International IDEA, Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance has supported the 6th wave of WVS in the following African countriesThe 2011 Executive Meeting,An Executive Meeting of the WVSA was held in Gothenburg, Sweden on November 22nd 2011.The Russian Ministry of Education and Sciencehas supported the World Values Survey.Alejandro Moreno elected Vice President of WAPORThe WVS Association congratulates Alejandro on this honor and wishes him success during his terms in office.Is Denmark the happiest country in the world? WVSAUntil recently, it was widely held that happiness fluctuates around set points, so that neither individuals nor societies can lastingly increase their happiness.a memoriam for Thorleif Pettersson, Ron Inglehart, Bi Puranen & Dan BrändströmThorleif Pettersson, member of the Executive Committee of the World Values Survey has passed away after a longer period of illness. He is missed by us all and his impact on the development of the World Values Survey Association can’t be overestimated.


World Values Research, Paper Series

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